Improving overall quality of a live recording.

This is a bit out of my depth but I am willing to learn. So you know (if you haven’t seen any of my posts) I usually use Audacity to record vinyl records and do very little post processing because hopefully the record is clean enough to not force me to tinker to much. EZ-Patch has been my god send :slight_smile: Anyway…

A friend has been listening to this production of The Sound of Music Music and was wondering if anything could be done to “make it sound less flat”. I quite literally have no idea where to start but again a good point in the right direction if it is at all possible and I will run with it.

Thank you kindly for your time.

Rather than directing us to a huge 56Mb download, a short excerpt would have done, e.g. …

I’d be tempted to discard the much-poorer left-track, making it mono rather than stereo, ( see “split stereo to mono”) , ( or make fake pseudostereo from the right channel only ).

Is the original a tape ? , the tape not being aligned with the head could explain the fluttering volume and lack of high frequencies.

Point taken. Small samplings next time.

I have no idea what the original source is. I could try and find out if there is better copy available. I wasn’t there for the performance but I wonder if there was any other recordings out there cause admittedly this one isn’t the finest.

As far as the improvements is there any way to remove that fluttering… or balance it more likely. I agree making it mono would definitely improve the listening experience as well.