Improving gui workflows

I am not a programmer alhought I will eventually learn to program, however I would like to contribute to audacity with ui mockups based on usability workflows. Basically I would make my mockups from what I see would be ideal to workflows, essentially making the gui and its options more accessible (currently menu forests exist) and after I make them I receive input from both devs and users and modify them continually until a design is considered optimal. Let me know if this is something which devs would welcome and collaborate with.

Other than myself it is rare for developers to visit the forum, though people involved with QA, documentation and testing frequently participate in the forum.

This “Adding Features” section of the forum is the place to suggest new features / enhancements. Ideas suggested here may be discussed with other Audacity users, and suggestions that garner support are eventually logged on the Audacity wiki or written up as formal development proposals, and the forum topic moved to the “feature request archive”.

So, in short, everyone are welcome to make suggestions here, and the best ideas will hopefully filter through to a future version of Audacity. The process is slow, but development takes a lot of time and effort, and the development team for Audacity is only a small group of volunteers.