Improving a messed up recording with Audacity

Hi everyone!

I’m a German YouTuber and today I did a long recording session with Audacity 2.2.2 on my Windows 10 PC. I thought that everything was fine but when I checked my commentary I realized that my mic wasn’t recording my voice properly. I’ve attached a sound file with a few seconds of my screwed up commentary. This isn’t Audacity’s fault but I wanted to ask if I can do something about that with Audacity to get rid of this metallic, tinny sound. I’ve already played around with the Equalizer. The Problem is that these annoying high pitch sounds are everywhere from 2000Hz to 6000Hz. Even after many different adjustements I couldn’t get a good result. I know of course that an audio like this one can’t be made crystal clear but it would be nice if you could at least listen to it without your ears bleeding. I’d really appreciate it if someone had a helpful advice. Thanks in advance.

I think it’s gone.

Do you know what happened? What broke?


I already thought so. It’s just too messed up and probably can’t be fixed. I’m using a Rode NT1-A and a focusrite audio interface. I think there was just a loose connection. Thanks for the help anyways. I’d be really glad if someone else had an idea on how to improve my commentary. Otherwise I guess I have to re-record…