improve sound quality

Hi Guys

i have a clip of my daughter when she was young, copied from my answering machine onto my Zoom H4N.

i have improved it some what using the noise removal.

just wondering if any of the gurus could suggest further improvements.


I can get a little more out of it. Attached.

I can send you the equalization curve.


EmEq.XML attached. Download and install it in Effect > Equalization.

EmEq.XML (285 Bytes)

thanks Koz.

so i would do the noise reduction first? and then the equalisation?

I don’t know you can do noise reduction on this. For noise reduction to work you have to have to be able to find clear noise with no voice. That’s going to be rough.

I think I would equalize first. Noise reduction can produce choppy work and make further corrections sound terrible.


i had a clear area where there was no talking and so i did the noise reduction.

but i was reading the instructions with your effect (equalization) and i think it said to run the effect first and then noise reduction or maybe the other way around

See which one sounds best. You’re not in “sound sweetening” now. You’re in disaster recovery, so there are no rules.


I think EQ is best done after Noise Reduction