Improve Sound Quality of recording

Hello all,

Complete Newb here.

I just purchased a cassette to digital converter that provided me with a copy of the version 2.0.3 software.

I have looked around on the board but I don’t see anything that addresses my question.

I have a 30 year old cassette recording of a concert made on a relatively decent (for the time) hand held device while sitting in the cheap seats pretty high up in the balcony.

The recording is discernible but quite muffled and the back beat from the bass drum pretty well dominates the recording.

Is there any way to clean up the recording so that it is at least listenable?

I know its a long shot but thought I would ask anyway.


I know its a long shot

It is, yes. The echoes, muffling and ambience of the hall are burned in. This is exactly the same problem that people have when they come back from a rock concert.

“Can you help me clean up…”

We can help a little with the bass notes.

Effect > Equalization: Graphic EQ. That will give you sliders for each of the major musical tone groups. The low tones are on the left.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time, so you have to make a setting, listen, make another setting, listen ,etc.