Improve selection behavior for multi-view workaround

I see this feature request and suggested workaround in the wiki:

Multi-View: upper track in waveform view, then linked views of the same track below in waveform (dB) view then (read only) spectrum and pitch views. Editing or horizontal zooming either waveform view changes the other views. Makes it easier to isolate and analyze a specific micro sound and see all “the big picture”. Should also be accessible via Analyze Menu.

It’s possible to duplicate the tracks, select them all to run the effect or other edit, and select just one to do an analysis with a plug-in.

Okay, now my suggestion: if I pick and drag within one track, DO NOT change the set of selected tracks. But current behavior is to select only within one track and require me to use arrow keys and Enter. For editing purposes the workaround would be even nicer if I could avoid those frequent keystrokes.

This selection behavior would make sense as a checkbox in Tracks Preferences. This should be much simpler to implement than true multiple views.

What are you trying to do - extend or contract the exact selection range between tracks without arrows and ENTER? If so, SHIFT-click in the Track Control Panels of the unselected tracks to include the selection in those tracks (or SHIFT-click similarly in selected tracks to deselect them).

Also you can drag selections up or down into other tracks.

With your feature, if you have a selection 5 seconds long in track A then you drag 2 seconds in track B, I understand you want A to remain selected but what is the resulting selection length after dragging in B?


Hm, what I want is an easy way to select ranges simultaneously in the tracks without moving my right hand to and from the mouse… and if instead of left click and drag, I click (setting one end in one track), then hit shift, then drag right and down ending in the other track (which is vertically adjacent), I get what I want, almost as if they were like views of one track.

Yeah, this too seems good enough for a workaround. Call this a never-mind then. Thanks.

Doh, I don’t even need the shift key if I just drag in a “u” curve. The gesture is very easy to get used to. I’m a fool, just never mind.