Improve quality of a phone call

Hi I use audacity to record and edit a podcast made on
a phone call.

My guest is the one using the phone

How can I improve his quality?

If it’s mono (one blue wave), select about 20 seconds of it, export as WAV and post it here on the forum. Scroll down from a text window > Attachments > Select Files.

Your question sounds like you do this all the time. You don’t, right? This only happened once and it’s never worked right?

Unless you’re using top quality services or equipment, phone voices are usually permanently damaged.


Here is the extracted part where the phone call gets in

How can I improve it? Please share the settings/edits you wold do


Thank you for the sound test.

This is not good. The sound system overloaded. The voice got too loud and that’s what making the harsh, gritty sound.

This is a normal sound.

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 17.59.17.png
And this is your sound.

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 17.58.44.png
I can get rid of some of the gritty sound, but then the voice sounds like talking into a pillow and you can’t understand the words.

We can wait for someone else who wants to try.

There is the Hollywood Desperation Method. How long is the show? Write down the words and have an actor read them and use his voice instead of the bad voice. Some actors can listen to a voice on headphones and speak the words a half-second later. That’s very fast.


Can you tell me what to do to make it like you did(

Clip-fix at 96% , then cut-out everything above 6kHz …

What editing or settings did you apply?
I want to know so I can do the same myself

CUt everything above 6khz? How?

Audacity Version 2.3.2.

Effect > Amplify (default settings) > OK.
Effect > Clip Fix: 95%, -9dB > OK
Effect > Low Pass Filter: 6000, 24dB per octave.


Thank you!
Should I first select all the track then apply your settings?
In any specific order?

Should I first select all the track then apply your settings?

Yes. I think in some cases, the filter assumes a selection, but selecting is always safe. In Audacity 2.3.2, there is a SELECT button on the left.

In any specific order?

Yes, that specific order. Amplify puts the work within range of Clip Fix and Clip Fix changes the tonal content.

There is one note in the Clip Fix instructions. If the activity of the tool starts taking days, you may need to apply the patch in sections rather than the whole interview at once. Also since the tool uses the work before and after damage to “guess” at the original sound, you may have trouble with First Word and Last Word. Those corrections will be incomplete.