Improve My Sound


I just recoreder a dj set with Pioneer DJm T1 and Traktor SE2 to play and Garage Band to record.

But the problem is, the sound is not crystal clear. While i was playing the set, the output was good, and clear but when recorded, it is not that crystal clear. What can i do about this? thanks, berke

You can fill in some of the holes.

Pioneer DJm T1 and Traktor SE2

We know about the DJ mixer and we know about GarageBand. What happened in the middle? Describe the cables between the mixer and the Mac. Describe the Mac. I have a 15" MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.9.5. My Mac has a stereo connection that looks like the socket on the left.

That’s where I put my mixer and my sound is perfect.

How did you do it?