improve live audio

Hi all,

I got a song from youtube which I like (it is not buyable, if I already bought it) :slight_smile:
But the problem is, it is a live recording and is a bit muffled AND reverb. I also have another version which has better qualitiy, but in it’s sound there is something missing compared to the live version. Any ideas how to improve this? (“Live” version) (“Studio” (or outside at the stairs) version)
Thanks in Advance

The first one was done with the camcorder in the club and isn’t particularly awful. Better to get the club sound system mix, but that one works as it is. That one could have benefited from just being closer. Less room ambiance and listening at the end of a tunnel. Maybe a shotgun. Maybe just scooch your chair closer.

The second one was recorded outside. That rumble is wind noise which you can suppress with the traditional 100Hz Hi Pass Filter, but that’s going to make the performance even more tight and sterile than it is. The recording doesn’t have wall reflections because there are no walls.

I suppose the second one could use a little environment or echo (very little) or maybe that plugin that adds fake harmony. This is not Audacity’s strong suite. I suspect the second one is too close to the microphone and could use a pop and blast filter. That one is hard because the wind noise covers up a lot of the clues, but I think I can hear some overload

They both need re-recording in less stressful environments. Both of those venues demand experienced recordists/sound people to get good results


The studio version is mono, the missing “something” is stereo, which can be simulated with stereo (not mono) reverb or other pseudostereo effect …

[OK the “after” is over the top, but it’s just to clearly illustrate the effect, you can make it more subtle]

apparently “DUB” = overdose of echoverb