Improve Lecture Audio?

Hi Audacity friends!

Any tips for how to improve the audio quality of this lecture that was recorded over the weekend? Would appreciate any help! Will be uploading on a website, would love to make it as clear and as smooth as possible, as close to CD quality as we can get. Thanks so much in advance for the help!

If that is the best quality version that you have, then there’s not much that can be done to improve it.
That file is a low quality 8 kbps MP3 file. The damage caused by MP3 compression cannot be repaired.

The file that I have is actually 11025 Hz mono/32 bit, 16 kbps CBR, I just had to downsize it a bit because it wouldn’t let me upload a file over 1 MB. Originally it said nothing larger than 2 MB could be uploaded, then it dropped it down to below 1.

Select a representative portion of the show and post it again as a WAV file. Nobody can do anything with what you posted. Any time you export a MP3 in Audacity, it doubles the compression sound damage.

We can’t do anything about echoes and reverb and we can’t separate performers. So if you have a neighbor that’s making noise, that’s just the way it is.

People still do this for a reason:


okay. I was sent this recording to hopefully fix it up and then post to our site. the recorder didn’t record in wav, only in mp3, with the settings I described above. does this mean I am SOL? or should I convert it to wav and still upload it here for y’all to have a listen?

I convert it to wav

You don’t have to convert it to anything. Audacity automatically converts to a high quality internal format when you Import. All you have to do is Import, select a couple of seconds and File > Export Selection > WAV (Microsoft).

Never do production in MP3. The show can turn to trash while you’re working on it.