impossible to record

This is my final attempt. I have tried everything. What I want to do - is simply to record from my computer, whatever sound, music, whatever, but the only thing I can get to work is just the microphone, I have tried all sorts of combos, I have the linein, lames, everything, but it just won’t record, no matter what. I have a macbook pro 10.6.8, audacity is 2.0.3, please help

The Mac version of “Stereo Mix” is Soundflower. Soundflower is a software package that sits between the computer playback and Audacity, effectively turning around the sound so you can record it. You didn’t mention Soundflower anywhere in that message, so can I assume you didn’t try that?


sorry I forgot to mention that, but yes, I got soundflower, everything is there, but no recording, other than my microphone

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Koz
Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 12.10.14 PM.png

Did you follow the instructions in that link? The concept of “inputs” and “outputs” can be counter-intuitive when using Soundflower.
– Bill

well the strange thing is, when i push the recording button, it now moves forward, as in if recording, except it does not record…and I have everything set up just like your instructions…

inputs…outputs… I am lost…

and yes, I have this weird feeling that I am just completely out of synch, somehow I must be pushing the wrong buttons all the time, wrong combos, but as per that example you guys sent over, it should be correct

WOW, and right Bill, I had it assbackwards,it works now…although I now hear both the recording sound as well as the actual sound…but it records just fine. Thanks, I was so close, and yet, so far…