impossible to record : cuts of sound permanently -W11

First I apologize for my english. I hope you will understand my problem.
Second, I apologize for the wrong OS. I have selected windows 10 because ther isn’t windows 11 pro (my real OS).
I used Audacity since a while (20 years ?).
For the first time it’s impossible to record because each more and less 5 seconds, the sound is cut. The recording go ahead but without any sound and it’s go well again and cut and so and so.
I have a Windows 11 professionnal Core I7 2.50GHz with 32 Go RAM, 64 bits with a terra SSD.
I record my old K7 audio (what’s the word ?) from an USB device. It was working very well with my previous computer (w10) even if I had a lot of windows working in the same time. Here I havn’t got anything working beside.
Thank you for your help.

Nobody to help me ?
I didn’t precise that I’m under audacity 3.1.3

Do you mean that the recording stops, or that it records a section of silence?

Thank you for helping.
It’s a good question … I see the graph stop, and don’t ear anything, and go ahead and stop …
I didn’t try to export it to ear if it’s recording the holes.
My pc is powerful enough and the hard drive is an ssd one.
I think it’s a windows 11 problem.
I just launch the recording onto my other pc (less powerfull) and it’s working as all the time

Check that “Sound Activated Recording” is NOT enabled (in “Transport menu > Transport Options”)

In french I haven’t the exact translation oh “Sound Activated Recording” but the last one (5th) option is activated : “software audio pass on/off” (after reading head … and dubbing …)

It should look like this:


Not exactly the same selections …
(where did you put a screen shot ?? :slight_smile:
Doc1.pdf (257 KB)

It should be like this:


Well ok.
I try this asap (it’s still recording on the other pc)
May be I will be back may bo not if it’s works.
If not, I don’t know where you are but receive may french thank’s from Paris.