Impossible to record a second track

Windows 10.
Audacity 2.3.2

Hi. I have happily used Audacity for years. Recently my PC crashed. Had to reload all including Windows 10 and Audacity.
Now everything works EXCEPT that any attempt to record a SECOND track results in this error message: “Error opening recording device. Error code -9997 Invalid sample rate.”
Changing the sample rates does nothing to solve the problem.
Many thanks in advance.

Massoud Badii, Vancouver, Canada

If you’re overdubbing, both the record and playback devices have to work and they have to match.

For example, my Behringer interface is named USB Audio CODEC in Audacity. For overdubbing, my playback can’t say Built-In Output. They have to both say USB Audio CODEC.

Again for overdubbing, Audacity has to manage echoes, delays and latency and it can’t do that with the built-in computer services.


Thank you.