Impossible to hear recorded music on Windows 7[SOLVED]

I am a new member and really need help as I passed my whole sunday to find out but impossible!
I have bought a transformer for vinyl and tape which is directly connected to my PC Windows 7 64 bits. I charged yesterday the last audacity logiciel and after a long time of trial finally I found out how to proceed, but when I transformed the music in .wave or.mp3 it was impossible to hear it when I clicked on the file. I only have Plantronic headset, which works perfectly with all other logiciels, but not with the opening of the .mp3 out of audacity. I think its must be a simple regulation but I don’t found it yet. I am doing my video film with Magix Video but even when I tried to open through this method, the file is there, but no sound. Who has already found this problem? Thank you for your help!

Can you see the waveform in Audacity?

Can you hear the recording when you play-back in Audacity, before saving?

If you are not getting a recording, we need to know more about your hardware and interface (transformer?).

If you are getting a recording, but are unable to make an MP3 or WAV file, make sure you are choosing File → Export, NOT File → Save.

I am doing my video film with Magix Video…

After the problem is solved, WAV should work better than MP3 because your video program will probably need to transcode (re-encode/re-compress) the audio.

Perhaps you have the same issue as this user:

Thank you very much, it was the same case, right click on speaker icon and make as device, now it works! Very happy but I would never have found alone!
Again thank you very much