Impossible to enable any plug-ins, I receive a "Could Not Load The Library" error

I’m using Audacity 3.0.3. My operating system is Windows 10 Pro.

I’ve tried to download Rovee and Autotalent, but upon trying to enable them (separately, of course), I receive a “Could not load the library” error.

I’ve tried all of the following:

  1. Downloaded a 32bit Windows VST version of both plug-ins
  2. Put them in both of the plug-in folders (in AppData and in Program Files)
  3. Launched Audacity as an administrator
  4. Deleted the ‘pluginregistry.cfg’ and ‘pluginsettings.cfg’ files, both separately and together

No matter what I do, I still receive the error.

Also, if all else fails, it could be great if somebody suggested any other Audacity-compatible plug-ins for formant shifting :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

  1. Downloaded a 32bit Windows VST version of both plug-ins

The “standard” Audacity 3.0.3 download is now 64-bits. :wink:

Not all VST plug-ins work with Audacity. With commercial VSTs their support page usually has a list of officially supported hosts, but with free plug-ins it’s usually hit-or-miss. Very few commercial plug-ins officially support Audacity (probably because most Audacity users don’t want to pay for plug-ins) but sometimes they work anyway.

The default version of Audacity 3.0.3 is a 64-bit app, and requires 64-bit plug-ins.

(There is a 32-bit version of Audacity 3.0.3 available if you are on 32-bit Windows).

Understood! I thought that it was still 32-bit after reading old forum posts :laughing:

Also, this might be a really dumb question… but will it be possible to use a 32-bit version of Audacity on a 64-bit computer (like the one that I have)? Should work since backward compatibility is possible, but just to clear any doubts…

Thanks a lot for your replies!

Not a dumb question at all.

Yes you can run 32-bit apps on a 64-bit Windows PC - and note that the Audacity download site has a 32-bit build of 3.0.3 as well as the 64-bit one.

This was partly provided for folk like you who have a lot of 32-bit plug-ins that they still want/need to run


Yes. You can get the “Audacity 32-bit Windows Installer” from here:

Thanks, everyone! Downloaded a 32-Bit version of Audacity, and everything is now working fine. :smiley: