Impossible Audio CD playback

After burning songs onto a CD at 44100, 16-bit, stereo tracks, from Audacity recordings, I cannot get a stand alone CD player or car CD to play the songs. They will play properly on Windows Media Player.

What can I do, besides jump off a bridge?

My guess is that you have exported your Audacity project as MP3 - there are some, but not many, CD players that will support and play MP3 files. Most do not and in particular at the moment most in-car CD players do not do this.

If this is the case then re-export your projects (I hope you still have them) to the WAV format and use those to burn the CDs - MP3 is really for applications where space is an issue iPods, MP3 players etc. - it is a “lossy” format - i.e. some of the audio data from the recording is thrown away.

If you do not still have your Audacity projects then you have two options:

  1. re-record: this is by far the better option in terms of audio quality - but will cost you some time - and export as WAV
  2. import the MP3 files into Audacity and export as WAV - this will be quicker, but you will lose adudio quality as the MP3 files have been “lossily” compressed (it’s like adding water to packet dried chicken soup - it gives you soup but can never be like real chicken soup)


You may also have simply burned a data CD with some audio files on it.

This is a problem with how you’ve used the CD burning software. Check the instructions for using your software, this is a common problem and it should be explained pretty well.

Thanks for the replies. I got 'er done! And didn’t have to jump off the bridge.