ImportLabels script command not working?

Hello again,

Using name pipes and scripting I entered the following command:
GetAllMenuCommands: ShowStatus=true

This worked as desired and I received a list of all menu commands and their current status.
The command I am interested in is : “ImportLabels: ENABLED”

I am trying to import some labels, C:abc.txt, it is formatted correctly as I can import it using the mouse, but am having trouble getting it to work over named pipes and a script.

I have tried the following
MenuCommand: ImportLabels=C:abc.txt

and a bunch of other derivations. Does anyone know the script command for importing a label over named pipes? Is this possible ?

I’'ve never used mod-script-pipe and only know what is on this page:

From that documentation it seems you cannot pass a parameter with MenuCommand.

Since you have compiled Audacity with mod-script-pipe, perhaps you’d be interested in extending it? If so, you might want to ask on the Audacity Developers list.
Go to to sign up for that list.

– Bill