Importing WAV files with incorrect timestamp info causing sync issues - Emmanuel Katto Uganda

Hi Everyone, I am Emmanuel Katto. I’m trying to import some WAV files into Audacity, but I’m experiencing some sync issues. The files were recorded using a digital recorder and were saved as WAV files. However, when I import them into Audacity, the timestamp information seems to be incorrect. Specifically, the file’s start time is offset by about 30 seconds from the actual start time of the recording.

I’ve tried re-importing the files in different ways i.e, importing as WAV, importing as audio files, but no result. I’ve also checked the file properties in Audacity and they seem to match the expected start time.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Are there any known workarounds or fixes for importing WAV files with incorrect timestamp information?

Please let me know.

Emmanuel Katto

Hi. Upload one file to any cloud and provide link on it. To advise something, first I need to look at this file