Importing Various Sample Rates Question

Ah ha sample rates, bit rates, project rates, sample rate types, variants, ah no wait… wrong propaganda.

Okay so I recorded a song at 96 kHz (sample rate) as mono (1058 kbps) and when I import it into Audacity it changes to 44 kHz, I tried resetting preferences, still. So my conclusion is that all audio under 1411 kbps, regardless of the project rate, will import to 44 kHz. Is this true? I’ve got more to this post but I’ll wait to see if this is the rule.


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What format was the file that you imported?
You can check the format on this page:

I just tested and this works for me

  1. Set Project rate to 96000 Hz
  2. record a short track
  3. Export as WAV file
  4. Close audacity
  5. relaunch Audacity
  6. Observe Project rate is reset to default 44100 Hz
  7. Import the WAV file from step 3
  8. Observe: in TCP the track is 96000 Hz
  9. Project rates is set to match at 96000 Hz


The format was wave.

Same happens for me as waxcylinder described. :confused:

Okay so I recorded a song at 96 kHz (sample rate) as mono (1058 kbps)

1058 kbps doesn’t make sense for a regular uncompressed WAV file. Where are you seeing that? (Compressed files can have almost any bitrate).

96khz x 8-bits is 768kbps. A stereo file or a 16-bit mono file is twice that.

1411kbps is standard for uncompressed “CD quality” audio: 44.1kHz x 16-bits x 2 channels = 1411.

Okay so I recorded a song…

…and when I import it into Audacity it changes to 44 kHz

Maybe we’re missing something here - Did you record it with Audacity and a microphone? Then export and re-import?

Yes something is off … I recorded a new track at 96 kHz mono and it shows as 1536kbps bit rate which I assume “bit rate” is the same as kbps, per writing/denoting, e.g., “1536k” “1536kbps” or “1536 bit rate” are all just different ways of writing the same thing (if incorrect please clarify).

Oh, and “kHz” denotes sample rate.

Microsoft has the Properties read out so dumb-ed down (Windows 7) … So I have to use the bit rate info to figure out what the sample rate is.

Conclusions (below show mono and stereo bit rates followed by their correlating sample rate):

705k 1411k = 44kHz
768k 1536k = 48kHz
1536 3072k = 96kHz

So how I got a 1058k WAV recording from 2017 I don’t know. I have it in my “unedited” folder … and when I import it into Audacity it sure looks unedited. Mystery.

Unless I used Audacity to record it somehow back then…? Or when I transferred from old computer to new one it changed? … or sometime along the way some update decided to compress old files that were not being used for a while? I remember that somewhat … how that was a thing microsoft did to you to help reduce disk space (?).

Okay using it’s a…
“Bit depth: 24 bits” … so … how does … oh “Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz” … so, what did I do? Assume it was the sample rate when it was the bit depth! Bonkers. Sorry for the error … thanks for the fix/figure out, you all are great.

Thanks for the update Black Dog Bluez.