Importing Subliminals

Ok, so judging from the posts I’ve read, I am seriously technically challenged. If you respond, please give me the answer in 12th grade language (even though I’m in my fifties).

Can I import multiple single Subliminals that are already in mp3 formatted (purchased that way) and then export all of them into my computer as one mp3 file without losing the integrity of the subliminal?

Audacity (and all “regular” audio editors) decompress the MP3 when you open them. If you re-export in a lossy format there is additional “loss” with each generation of compression.

I have no idea if that will damage the “subliminal” audio. It depends on the subliminal method used. MP3 works by trying to throw-away audio you can’t hear so that information may already be lost anyway.

[u]mp3DirectCut[/u] can do limited editing without decompressing/re-compressing.

Before you purchase any more see …