importing song problems!

every time i import a song it plays the song really fast and high pitched. All i hear just hurts my ears, so can somebody plz tell whats wrong because its so annoying

You are almost certainly trying to import a file type that Audacity does not support. Audacity Supports WAV, MP3, OGG and FLAC & MP2 in 1.3.

The screech is Audacity 1.2’s inelegant way of telling you that it can’t handle the file type you’ve given it - in 1.3.x a more appropriate and informative error message appears.

If this is the case you have two basic options:

  1. find and use some converter software to convert your file to a type that Audacity supports

  2. play the file in any music software that supports that particular file format and record it in Audacity.


And BTW you have posted this in the wrong section of the forum - this is a very infrequently visited area of the forum - meant for comments from people who don’t like the type-face, the colours or the smilies etc. It’s normally only the helper elves that come to this obscure corner to dust and sweep up occasionally.