Importing Saved Audacity Projects to work with again

I just tried to save a Project with 2 tracks to the Desktop.I did and then closed Audacity.I reopened the Program while I was waiting for some info on another problem and just to check I tried to Import the Project from the Desktop under the name I saved it under.It was saved as a .aup file I guess.When I tried to Open it it said that it couldn’t do it and suggested I import it as Raw Data.Why?And when I did,It was messed up…it lasted like 1/2 second and was a loud screech.This didn’t hurt the Computer or the program and i closed it again anfd then I looked on the Desktop and deleted it.It also had a Floder (before I deleted it) Called the name I saved it with and Data.I started a new project just with one track and saved it as Test to the desktop.Same thing,it would open the File when I tried to Import it so I tried to import the Data File and while Opeing up 2 subfolders there were 4 files that had the Windows Media Player Formay Icon next to them.Now I could Import these Individually and One Played…But I don’t understand what happened to the first try with 2 Tracks.Is it not possible to save a Project when you’re not finished and re-open it later to add files or delete (whatever you wanna do) before mixing it down?
Appriciate help.
PS:I hope this isn’t considered Double Posting as I Posted just a few Minutes before this one…this is an entirely different matter than the 1st Post.

You’re not supposed to mess around inside the /data folder and you’re not supposed to mess around with any of the Project files. Projects are complex and brittle and can have multiple files. People break them all the time.

Once you Save a Project, you can’t move or rename or change anything. The filenames and locations and folders are burned into the Project information. Rename the wrong thing and the show falls into the dust.

But that doesn’t explain the screech.

Pull down this 6 second music solo and use that to create a very simple show and Save As Project.

Close Audacity. Open Audacity. File > Open > AUP file. Don’t Import anything.

Did it open up and play OK?


Yes it Did

So Audacity works and we need to go back a bit. Where did the material for the original show come from? You didn’t say in the post.

<<<I just tried to save a Project with 2 tracks to the Desktop.>>>


I’m sorry what did you mean by original Show?
Where did it come from?I’m lost on that one.What I meant initially was When I tried to open the File it wouldn’t open and load into the Program like it was before I saved it.What I wanted to do was just save it so I could work on it again later because I wasn’t finished with it (of course,you knew that).
If I save it as a WAV file then it is done.I can’t mess with it.I think.I just want to be able to save it as an unfinished project so I can open it up at a later time and work with it as though I had never even closed the program down at all…like I had just started it…with the Ability to Add/Remove/Undo (effects whatever) before I finalize and Export it as an MP3 as a Finished Project.
PS:I am still looking for someone to reply about the Pitch shifting Issue as well…I can’t believe after that many views no one has replied!

<<<I can’t believe after that many views no one has replied!>>>

Isn’t that the post that appears in multiple places? We’re still looking for the original post. Why don’t you go in and kill all the copies but one. Then reply to the one left that you did it and that one will bubble up to the front.

<<<Where did the material for the original show come from?>>>
<<<I’m lost on that one.>>>

Were you singing into a microphone with a guitar accompaniment? Some human somewhere produced the original performance.


No I am Recording Everything myself.I am not trying to sound like anyone else if that is what you mean.I am not Trying to sing along to anyone else’s music.Wow,You must be right about too many posts because this is the one Post that is getting replies and it’s not even on the Topic that is the Most important one.
Tell you what…this might be easier.If I can figure it out I will delete all the Other Posts and Just post One and describe everything at once so that I can keep checking the replies on one.Does that sound like a Good Idea?'Cause I am starting to forget which part of the Forum(s) my posts are in!I get so impatient looking for replies and that’s my fault.I’m sorry about that.
Let me see what I can do.