Importing Raw Data into Audacity


I’m using Audacity to import RGB data as Raw data. I was wondering how does the raw import determine frequency and amplitude for a sample? Does it sample each pixel, row or column?


import RGB data

You know this is an audio program, right? Not picture or video.

Does it sample each pixel, row or column?

Raw is an adventure. You have to tell it all the stuff that normally appears in the file header. It assumes the file header is damaged and can’t be read.

So it sees a pile of unformatted data. Have a good time.

I’ve never done it but I believe it takes your word on it. It just blindly opens up the data according to what you told it.


The “sample rate” is set in the Import RAW dialog.

The “audio frequency” is determined by the relationship of one sample to the adjacent samples.

The “amplitude” of a sample is the sample’s numeric value.

If the data is (decimal representation):

0   0.5   0   -0.5   0   0.5   0 ....

Then the amplitude is +/- 0.5 and the frequency rate is 1/4 of the sample rate.