Importing project and data files from an older version

I am having trouble importing the project files from an older computer running audacity v1.2.6 to a computer running 2.0.0. It says that the majority of the .au data files are orphan files, and not used in the project (even though they should be) and therefore leaving 10+ tracks blank, and several more with just snippits of audio at the end. Is there a way to import them properly to prevent this?

I believe the intent is for any Audacity to open its own projects and all older ones. Did these older projects come a similar computer or drive system?


Do you mean that you are doing File > Import? Or do you mean that you have moved the files from one computer to the other outside of Audacity?

Audacity project files (the .aup files) should always be accessed via File > Open. The associated "data" folder **must_** be present in the same folder where the .aup file is stored.

Audacity project files (the .aup files) should always be accessed via File > Open.

And not double click them? I’ve never had that fail. Koz

I don’t know Linux. I was give Audacity-based instruction rather than OS-based instruction.

Wrong English.
It should always be possible to access a show by double clicking on the associated AUP project manager file. This works on all three platforms – including the GUIs on the linux variations.

Is the error 1) “orphan files” or 2) “missing alias files” or 3) missing audio data block files"?

If it’s 1) (orphan block files) this could mean the 1.2 project is sufficiently corrupted that 2.0 cannot open it without making the data it cannot understand into “orphan files”. In this case, choose “Continue without deleting” in the Orphan Block File(s) dialogue, and do not save the project in Audacity 2.x. Open the project again in 1.2 on the older computer, then File > Export Multiple to export a WAV for each track.

If the error is 2) (missing alias files), open File > Check Dependencies. This will show you the full name and path of the WAV or AIFF files Audacity needs to read the project. If the WAV or AIFF files are on the old computer, bring them to the new computer and put them exactly where Check Dependencies says.

If you have 3) (missing audio data block files) make sure you brought all the .au files that were in the project’s _data folder across from the new computer. Help > Show Log… will list the missing block files.

If you still need help, please post the file from Help > Show Log… then Log > Save… in any case.