Importing Pro Tools

I have some Pro Tools files from a gig. I’m trying to import them to play but Audacity crashes whenever I try to import them. I’m using 1.2.6.

I believe that Audacity can import Pro Tools audio files as Raw Data, is that what is causing Audacity to crash? Also, I take it you’re not talking about Pro Tools Session files, which only point to audio data (similar to Audacity’s Project files). If so, Audacity can’t work with them.

I try importing them as raw files and they seem to import successfully (the ‘time remaming’ ticker comes on and fills up until all the file has been imported).

I just tried it again and pressed play and all i get now is a crackling/buzzing sound.

By the way, how do I know if they’re Sessions files sorry?

Depending on the version, a Pro Tools session file will have the extension *.pt5 or *.pts. The actual audio data in a Pro Tools project is stored in WAV or AIFF format.

Hmm, these don’t have those extenions :neutral_face:

Sometimes I love Windows for the comedy factor.

Type of file: File

Very informative, Mr. XP.

That file looks big enough to be a collection of Audio files, but if they came from ProTools, Audacity will not be able to open them. There is no universal standard for project files, so everything is proprietary right now.

The only way to move a project from ProTools to Audacity is to export each track individually.