importing music for intro & outro for podcast recording


I have tried several times to import a few seconds of music in the beginning and at the end of a podcast recording. One of two things happens: 1.) It imports the music over (or under) the entire recording or 2.) it imports it into a new project window. The tutorial I saw on line showed how to import it into the same project on a separate track and then showed how to move sections into the original track. When I tried that it didn’t work. I got the music over the entire podcast recording. What do I do?


What Format has the Music you’re importing?
If not already done, give your track a Name in order to avoid confusion with the Music tracks you are going to Import.
Make sure everything is deselected (ctrl-shift-a). Press ctrl-shift-i to open the Import Dialog.
You can mark more than one file in this Dialog if you wish to.
After OK, the new tracks should be under the one(s) you already have.
It’s probably best to put the intro at the top of the track-list.
Now Comes all the editing stuff (trimming, fade-out for the intro/outro ; time shift for the Podcast and the outro).
Does the importing work as a first stage?