Importing multiple RAW data to file

I need to open a folder full of raw data files, all with the same settings u-law, big-endian, 1 channel, 0, 100, 44100. I hope I am in the right place to ask this question. This is it. I need to open ninety-odd raw data files all into the same new comp. I’ve seen a few variations of my question a while back but none of them seemed as simple, and the answers I am too much of a noob to understand anyway.

As far as I’m aware, “Import RAW” can only be used on one file at a time. To import them all in one go, you would first need to convert them to a recognised audio format (such as “WAV”).

I don’t know if there is a GUI application to do that on a Mac. It can be done with command line applications such as FFmpeg or SoX, but you would need to write a script to loop through your RAW files.

Yo thanks for the reply. In the end, I converted them all to .aif files in Adobe Audition – then, as you suggest, I was able to batch load them to Audition.