Importing LPs

I have been trying to get LPs imported to my computer, but I can’t hear the tracks when recording/monitoring, nor can I open them when imported. I get all sorts of eo files when I click on the album that was supposedly imported, but no sound. I followed all the directions, but cannot get Audacity working properly. It’s also the newest version. What am I doing wrong?

How exactly are you trying to “import” LPs ?

I am using an Audio-Technica USB turntable. I followed all the instructions from the turntable directions and Audacity. I get the name of the album in WMP, but only see several empty files.

Most manufacturers instructions are somewhat lacking - often thay refer to outdated versions of Audacity.

See this set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual:


I’ve followed all the directions and still cannot get the LP recorded onto Audacity or the computer. All I get is dead air. I will try to find a different program that will work for me. Thanks for trying.