Importing from music tapes

I am absolutely lost. I have windows 7 XP. I am trying to import my music tapes to my computer so that I can make CD’s or put them on my iphone but I am not a technical wizard and the instructions elude me entirely. Is there somewhere I can find a simple step by step procedure for this? Something like plug and play, please. I just got this yesterday and have already spent 4 hours of useless time with nothing to show. Please help. Thanks

Well which is it Windows 7 or Windows XP - they are totally different versions.

And there is dazzling lack of detail in your posts -e.g. “I juust got this yesterday” what is the “this” a USB tape device, Audacity (if so which version) …

This forum topic may help you to phrase your question in a way that allows us to help you:

This set of Tutorials in the manual may help you get your tapes onto CD: