Importing Files

I want to import a number of seperate audio files from my pc to audacity so they will play one after the other, ready to be burned to a cd. How do I do this please? When I tried it they all played at the same time!

Can’t you just add all the files to your CD compilation in your CD burning software?
I’m unsure why you need to use Audacity in this process.

Thanks for your reply. I need to edit some of the files - e.g. remove applause - which is why I want to use audacity

Just edit each file separately and export each one in “WAV” format (the default export format).

Thank you

Export Multiple is even more convenient for that. You can export the files at one go.


  • e.g. remove applause - which is why I want to use audacity

First I have to admit that I don’t usually use Audacity for this, but Adacity can certainly handle it…

For “live” recordings I usually make two versions, a full-length concert and individual songs.

The full-length recording can be burned to CD with an application such as ImgBurn. With ImgBurn and a cue sheet, you can have track-markers with no gaps between songs. (That’s the way most “live” CDs are made, and of course concert DVDs don’t have gaps either.)

I usually do some editing to the continuous recording to reduce excessive time (or excessive talking, etc.) between songs. To me 10 or 20 seconds of applause/crowd noise between songs seems about right maximum. To do that I don’t directly edit the original recording, but I “build” a new recording by crossfading-together parts from the original recording.

For the individual tracks, again I’ll copy the song from the full-length recording and make a new file for the individual song. I’ll usually fade-in the crowd noise for about 2 seconds (if there is crowd noise preceding the song). And at the end of the song, I usually like a 10-20 second fade-out of the applause.

Of course, this all depends on what you want and what the existing applause/crowd noise sounds like, and frequently I’ll take some applause from one part of the performance and cross-fade it into the ending/applause of a different song.