importing .FC4 files

I’m using Audacity 2.0.6 on Windows 7.
Can anyone help me with importing old audio files with the .FC4 extension?
Audacity doesn’t recognize it, and I’ve tried the raw data import but the file is useless.

You can install the FFMpeg software to let Audacity recognize many more different sound file types than Audacity alone.


Thanks, after installing FFMpeg software I was able to import and open what now appears to be the recordings of the professor’s lecture. But the sound is super high-speed, not human speech. When I reduce the playback speed it deepens but does not give the speech. Is there a way of analysing the file to see whether it is accessible another way?

.FC4 is not a standard file extension.
Many years ago that file extension was used on Amiga computers by the application “Future Composer”, which has been obsolete for many years.

I found a suggestion on Google that WinAmp may be able to play .FC4 files, but I don’t know if that is true. If you test that perhaps you could let us know if it works.

If you could tell us where the file came from, that may give some indication of what the file type is.

The general advice when dealing with oddball file types like this, is to open the file with the application that made it. If you don’t have that application, don’t know what that application was, and can’t find a program that supports it, then that’s the end of the story.