Importing/Exporting MP4 karaoke file

Hi, I’m wondering if I can import an MP4 karaoke file into Audacity, change the pitch, and then export it back out as an MP4. I’ve already tested the change pitch and that worked out well but when I try to export it to other than an MP3 what shows up is grayed out and I don’t know if I am missing a plugin or something else. I would like for Audacity to change the pitch of an MP4 and not disturb the video.

Audacity is only an audio editor and you will lose the video. :wink:

You’ll need a video editor (or other tool) to re-multiplex the audio & video.

If you have FFmpeg installed Audacity can export as MP4. It will show-up as:
‘M4A (AAC) Files (FFmpeg)’.

I assume you already have FFmpeg, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to open it.

Most video editors will also allow you to convert the audio to a new format but if you want to do that, I’d recommend exporting to WAV to avoid too many lossy-to-lossy conversions.

There are some FREE video editors if you don’t have one.

…I don’t use a free one. I have CyberLink PowerDirector and in the past I’ve used Corel VideoStudio (both around $100 USD).

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