Importing Error

I have downloaded a voicemail from my Android phone to my PC, and when trying to listen to it, I receive a ‘Error Importing’ message saying that Audacity (Version 2.1) “didn’t recognize the type of file (.qcp) and if uncompressed, try importing it using ‘Import Raw’”. Unfortunately, I can’t retreive the original file to import it raw, b/c it was converted to the .qcp file and now resides on my desktop with the same Error Importing message every time I try opening it.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much.

The .qcp file is probably a “PureVoice” file, which is a proprietary format of and is probably not supported by Audacity.

Audacity should import QCP if you add the optional FFmpeg library to your computer.

Audacity can’t write QCP files but the Ringtones Tutorial in the Audacity Manual lists a free conversion tool for converting from 8000 Hz 16-bit mono WAV to QCP and vice-versa. So you could use that tool to convert the QCP to WAV instead of using FFmpeg.