Importing EQ curves for 78RPM records

Dear friends,
I try to import the XLM files from the EQ Curves Library (I followed all these steps: )
But the strange thing is that I can not import any file at all. If I go to Effects->Filtercurves the option ‘import’ remains light-grey, unable to import anything. I can not find any solution. Please help!

Importing curves does not currently work. It is hoped that this will be fixed in the next release, due early next year.

Ah, that’s a shame. Thanks for the answer.

You can make your own curves “manually” . Since you’re probably using a phono preamp you’d have to adjust for the difference between RIAA EQ and the 78 EQ. (Microphone preamps are flat but they have the wrong impedance and that will change the frequency response/EQ.)

I’d probably just use RIAA EQ and then adjust by ear from there. 78s weren’t that great anyway so you’ll probably want to tweak to taste no matter where you start.