Importing Effects Into Filter Curve for 78rpm Records

I’m trying to import one of the filter curves for 78rpm records. I downloaded the effect, converted to text but when I try to import it I get the error message the the effect “is for a different Effect, Generator or Analyzer.” Troubleshooting tips, please. I’m on a Mac OS 13.1. Thank you.

If you post links to the curve(s) that you want to import, and the converter, then I’ll take a look.

Thank you. I was using this link from the wiki page: ‎American 78 – 250N-6/250N-8: Common setting for many American shellacs. This curve here is a compromise between both varieties with -7 dB roll-off…

From the EQ Curves Library on this page:

Some others there worked for me when I downloaded and imported them a few months ago.

That one is already in the new format for the Graphic Eq. Note that it’s a “.TXT” (new format) file rather than a “.XML” (old format).

Got it. Thanks!