Importing cd's then exporting to Hi bit rate MP3

This is my first post. - I am trying to convert/copy cd’s to hi bit rate MP3 to a USB stick for playing in a car.
No editing is involved but a simple method is required. I am using Win 8.1 & have just downloaded audacity, but it states that it cannot import CD’s directly.
So does that mean I have to first convert to Wav. etc & then convert again & save as hi bit rate MP3 ? However, I cannot see how to do this.

Any suggestions ?


Audio on a CD is not in conventional sound file format. They got the most room and highest fidelity they could by leaving out much of the conventional drive and file management. You can rip a CD with a CD ripper program such as CDex or equivalent. I believe iTunes for Windows can do that.

DO NOT get something that automatically saves to MP3 (unless it’s controlled or does it in a way you like). Music on a CD is perfect quality WAV-ish format. No compression or other damage. That’s the work you should import into Audacity for conversion to the MP3 of your choice.

Re-editing an MP3 causes sound damage.

Ideally, you rip the CD to high quality WAV files and save them as archive. Then you make the MP3s which are basically throw-aways as the CD gets banged up. That’s OK because you can just make more.


If you are not editing or recording, Audacity is not the right program for you…

Most [u]CD ripping programs[/u] can convert directly to MP3 and if it’s a popular CD, the artist, title, album information will be found on in an online database and automatically added as “tags” (metadata) embedded in the MP3.

I’ve used [u]EAC[/u] for a long time, but it can be tricky to configure and you have to download the LAME MP3 encoder separately. Recently, I tried [u]CUERipper[/u], and it was easier to use “out of the box”. CUERipper also has an new error-correction feature where it replace bad data with good data from a database.

If the tags are missing, or need editing, [u]MP3tag[/u] can edit tags without touching the MP3 audio data.

Thanks for your replies.
I have now found what seems to be the perfect program for this, - NCH express Ripper. It is very simple to set up, quick, free, and you can adjust settings up to 320 MPPS MP3 or 500 VBR AAC. I highly recommend it.

Thanks again for your help.