Importing AUP files

When opening a project and it has to import AUP files after it’s done (here is the part you guys missed) I go to
view>Zoom>Zoom Normal and “wala” it’s back “safe and sound”. Save it and everything is “hunkydory”. Aup files now have
a 3 in the file name and I can open them no problem. I plugged in an old hard drive and found the same problem but when
saving it doesn’t add th 3 to the AUP file name and upon opening the file has to import all over again. Why are these
files behaving different than the latest files that I’ve recovered and how can I make the Importing A one time process?
I’m sure the Audacity version on the “old” hard drive is pretty outdated , since the recordings are from 2016 , 2017 era.

Befor Audacity version 3 Audacity projects had two parts

  1. the .aup
  2. an associated data folder called

From 3.0 onwards projects are contained in a single database file called .aup3

AUP projects from Version 2 and earlier can be imported into vn 3 Audacity - where an AUP3 copy will be made (the AUP is still retained).

AUP3 projects cannot be opened in v2 or earlier Audacity