Importing Audio Into A Project - Nothing happening


I imported a voice recording from an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder following a talk I gave. When I import this into Audacity (it is 51 minutes long), when I play it back I just get a high pitched squeek.

Has anyone got any recommendations for me? New to Audacity so have just mastered recording and saving, but not fully conversent with all the lingo.

Many thanks for your help

Audacity is not a very good converter. You told Audacity to play a sound file that it had no idea how to manage. See if Olympus has any conversion software available, or you might be able to convert the sound in Super or Switch download.

Assuming you’re on a PC. You didn’t say.


Am having same problem importing from iTunes. I’m a new user. What am I doing wrong?

As above - but you can get iTunes to help you out here.

In iTunes temporarily reset your “Import Settings” use Edit > Preferences > Import Settings to get the dialog box to Import Using WAV (I’m assuming that youv’e currently got the iTunes default setting of AAC). Then select the song required in your iTunes library and create a WAV copy in the libray with Advanced > Create WAV version. This will give you two copies of the song in your library - the AAC original and the WAV copy. You can then locate the WAV version song of your library (on Windows use Windows Explorer - don’t know the MAC equivalent) and take a copy of it placed somewhere outside the library. Then go back to iTunes carefully delete the WAV version and not the AAC version from your library and also reset your import prefences to AAC at your preferred bitrate.

Note that this will not give you WAV quality - just the AAC compression quality diluted up to WAV size and shape. HOWEVER, if you still have the CD that you ripped the song from then as above reset your import preferences temporarily to WAV rip the song again (tip: name it slightly different so you can identify it easily) and copy out, delete from library just as above. This way you will get a full uncompressed WAV quality file.