Importing Audio into 2nd Track

I’m a newbie trying to do some things for the first time and seems I’m hitting snags I shouldn’t be, as I’m following along with tutorials???

Win XP, Audacity v 2.0.5.

As I mentioned on another post, I don’t have a Projects tab like the tutorial, but I found import under File, so I selected a bleep sound, I wanted to use on a 2nd track. I select it (either mp3 or wav) and it opens a new track, but no wave form on it. Why would this be?


Do you hear the bleep very quietly if you play it anyway? SOLO the track so there’s no competition from the other tracks. The sound meters are in dB and accurately reflect the way you hear, but the blue waves are in percent. The waves will only show if the sound is louder than about -35dB or so. It’s easier to edit a normal radio show with this configuration.

Alternately, start a fresh Audacity and open the tone. Does that work? What do you have to do to play the tone?

Do you have FFMpeg installed? FFMpeg software is required to manage many advanced compression sound formats.

I can’t think of anything else.


Audacity don’t make any video tutorials, so if you use those you may get incorrect information or not be told what version of Audacity is in use.

If you are still stuck, please post the web address of the tutorial you are trying to follow.

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