Importing Audio from Audacity into Camtasia and audio waves are "off"

I am editing video, I prefer Audacity over Camtasia for audio editing so I separated audio from video and cleaned up the audio in Audacity (replaced the bad content with silence). I want to use Camtasia for the rest of the work however… imported the mp3 file from Audacity into Camtasia. But on the timeline when I play the video, the audio waves which guide me to make edits, appear a few seconds before I hear the actual sound. And it won’t work for me to just take the difference off the front end because I still can’t be certain where I can remove the silent parts because I can’t see the wave lines.
I don’t know if this is an Audacity issue or a Camtasia issue, but since I’ve not encountered this before, I think it’s Audacity. Does anyone know if this is a publishing settings issue or ??? I need to understand how to publish the audio so it stays in sync and allows me to finish the project in Camtasia.

I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 3.0.4

I’ve never used Camtasia… I’ve used Corel VideoStudio and Cyberlink Power Director for video editing, but I don’t think these have screen capture.

Sometimes this can happen, especially with “highly compressed” audio/video files (MP4, MOV, etc.).

It’s unlikely that the file created by Camtasia contains MP3 audio.

Audacity itself won’t change the timing but MP3 compression does add a few milliseconds of silence to the beginning ([u]LAME FAQ[/u]) but that shouldn’t be enough to cause a “lip sync” problem. This happens when the MP3 is created (i.e. if you export to MP3) and if you can shift the time in Camtasia you should be able to fix that issue.

If you can work with WAV files that MIGHT help (most video editors will accept WAVs as source files and they will compress to whatever audio/video format you choose).

But I think the problem is something with your original file, even if the original file plays OK. Sometimes converting to a different format (or just re-compressing the A/V file) before you split-out the audio will help. Or, that might “re-expose” the sync problem.

THANK YOU DVDDoug! That was exactly it, I republished as WAV and it works fine, woohoo!