Importing audio changes to higher HZ


I need some help, I am burning the CD into window’s media as an pm3. I have audacity set at 32000HZ but it imports at 44.1HZ and sounds to fast, all my front & back bummper music productions are in the 32000HZ and sound ok when I quickmix, but when I burn the CD and play it, it too fast, really fast. Help Also at the bottom left hand corner, it says 44.1 I go and change it but it goes back to 44.1 when I import audio.


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Standard “Red Book” audio CD carries sound in a Microsoft WAV-like format at 44100, 16-bit, stereo. It’s straight audio with no compression. If it isn’t in that format, it’s not a standard CD.

I probably wouldn’t have presented Windows Media with an MP3 file because MP3s use destructive compression to get a smaller file–they damage the audio slightly for efficiency. Can’t you export your show as a WAV file instead of MP3? It will give you a much bigger music file, but Windows Media should be much happier with it and it should sound better.

<<<32000HZ >>>

There is no 32000. There is 22050, 44100, and 48000. There is a 32-bit floating sample format. I thought Windows Media was pretty good at converting what you sent into standard CD format for burning. You may need to get a little closer with your show specifications.