Importing Audio Books

I want to import an audio book that is on multiple MP3 files on my Win XP PC into Audacity and make them into one file.

How do I import so they are continuous and not overlapping?


Import the files (they will stack up one above the other)
Zoom out (use the magnifier tool, or Ctrl+3, or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel)
Click on one of the tracks. It doesn’t matter which one, this is just to ensure that all of the tracks are not “selected” (highlighted).
Change to the “Time Shift” Tool (double headed arrow button ↔ or F5 key)
Slide track 2 to the right so that it starts at the end of track 1
Slide track 3 to the right so that it starts at the end of track 2

Repeat as necessary, and zoom out as necessary.
When done, change back to the normal “Selection” tool (the “I” button or F1 key).

Other useful information:

Thank you Steve. I tried what you suggested and it works. It would be great if I could make a separation between each imported CD on this large file.

Can you help me with that also?

You mean that the full recording is several hours and you want to split it into shorter sections?
Are you wanting to do any other editing of the audio or just compile the MP3s into a series of CDs?

May be the correct term would be Spliting a file or recording into separte tracks , it is one file, but multiple tracks.

Isn’t that a contradiction? :confused:

I belive this is what I want to do
Will spend more time to see if I can get it work. Have been trying but not successfull yet.
If you have any suggestions please post

Yup you’re on te right track there - but I would look at the updated tutorial in the 2.0.1 alpha manual where the formatting and readability has been improved: