Importing Audio - AU Files not working

Hi, I’m using Windows 7 and when i got on Audacity and click on import audio and then click on the Audacity folder, it comes up with a folder e00 which then has a folder called d00. When i click in d00 there are mutliple AU files. If i select them all Audacity is not putting them in order and playing them all at once which is just a loud noise. How do I play the old songs I have recorded .I did not export them so can only use on audacity. If i select 1x of these files I can hear it fine but it is only 5 secs max. So how do I get the whole song back?


Your project should look like this with an AUP file and a _DATA folder (with the little au files), both with the same name.

You are supposed to double click the AUP (Project Manager) file and it will open everything else. You can also File > Open the AUP file.