importing a song from a cd

I would just like to know how I can import a song from a CD. I need to edit it for a project for school and put it in a power point.

Sound on a Music CD is not in generic computer file format in order to save space. You have to “rip” the music and put it into a form that Audacity will open and edit. You can use QuickTime for Windows or a stand-alone windows program like CDex.

The complicated, painful way to do it is to Record Music Playing on the Computer.

Many newer computers will not allow this without addtional software or tools.


I don’t think Audacity can do that… The audio on an audio CD is not stored in regular computer files. What you are looking for is a CD “ripping” application. [u]EAC[/u] (Exact Audio Copy) is a very popular FREE ripper. There are plenty of others, and I think Windows Media player can do it too. [u]Here[/u] is some more information I just found.

Most rippers allow you to rip to a variety of formats, but a WAV file is probably best for what you are doing. if Power Point needs to convert to a different format, it should still accept WAV, which is the most common audio format. A regular uncompressed WAV file (at 44,1kHz, 16-bit stereo) contains the exact-same audio data as the original CD, just in a different file format with the proper WAV file header, etc.

If you want to rip to MP3, most rippers require you to download LAME separately (like you have to do with Audacity), because there are patents for MP3 and you are supposed to pay if you distribute an MP3 encoder.