Importing a multi-track recording?

So I used a korg-sr1 to create a multi-track recording, it creates a .unl a .sos file, as well as a 2MIX and MATERIAL folder which contains the .WAV files.

However, when I try importing them to audacity. They are no longer mixed but all separate wav tracks are placed at the beginning of the project.

Anything I can do?

From what you’re saying, it sounds like your recorder creates separate WAV files.

I don’t know how your recorder works but in general it’s normal for a multi-track recording to have separate files for each track (before mixing). It’s possible to have a multi-channel WAV file (like a 5.1 channel surround-sound file), but most recording software doesn’t work that way because you are often recording or editing one track at a time.

See [u]Mixing[/u].

Although, if there’s a WAV file in the 2MIX folder I’d assume it’s a stereo file. If that folder is empty, maybe you can mix-down on the recorder itself to create a 2-channel stereo file in that folder.