Importin 32-bit wav from an old Cool Edit version

Hi, I would like to import a wave file made with an old version of Cool Edit. Audacity correctly reads 16-bit files, but this doesn’t happen if they are 32-bit. I tried to import it as “Raw data” but it’s useless. Here are some details about the file:

File : /mnt/sda1/test.wav
Lenght : 49833056
RIFF : 49833056
fmt  : 16
  Format        : 0x1 => WAVE_FORMAT_PCM
  Channels      : 1
  Sample Rate   : 44100
  Block Align   : 4
  Bit Width     : 32
  Bytes/sec     : 176400
data : 49833012

Sample Rate : 44100
Frames      : 12458253
Channels    : 1
Format      : 0x00010004
Sections    : 1
Seekable    : TRUE
Duration    : 00:04:42.500
Signal Max  : 1.18216e+09 (-5.19 dB)

I also tried with other programs, without success. However I am sure that the files are not corrupted. What can I do?

Why are you sure?

How big is the file? (looks like it should be 49833056 bytes - approx 49 MB)
What’s the smallest file that you have with this problem? Would you be able to make it available for testing via dropbox or similar?

Solved! The problem consists in the coding used by Cool Edit for the 32-bit which must be 16.8 float (type 1). It was sufficient to update ffmpeg (3.3 or later. I tried on Linux). In particular, you need to use the codec pcm_f16le for the input. But you must manually normalize the waveshape because otherwise it appears flat. Thanks anyway :wink: