Imported song getting cut off

Hi - newbie here.

I’ve been recording from LP to my computer using the ION Audio software included with the turntable. After recording I open the files in Audacity, do a few tweaks, and export as mp3 (imported as wav through ION). All the songs have gone fine except for one. For some reason the last few seconds of one song get cut off every time I try to import it. The input level indicator in ION shows it is getting sound input all the way to the end of the song, so I know it’s capturing the whole song (at least acc. to the level indicator). However when I open the file in Aud. the last few seconds are missing. I’m not saying Aud. is the culprit - maybe it’s ION - but I was wondering if there’s a feature in Aud. I don’t know about that may be the cause? Thanks. magnolia333

Windows 7 Home Premium
Audacity 2.0.3 (.exe installed)

We don’t make the Ion software. What happens if you record that last song using Audacity? What happens if you play the Ion-recorded WAV in Windows Media Player?


Why not use Audacity to do the whole schmear - recording as well as all the other stuff. ION used to ship Audacity with their USB TTs and tape decks for the task - nut many of their users complained “it’s too hard - Audacity’s too complicated” so they produced/acquired a dumbed-down tool instead.

But since you are obviously happy to use Audacity, you’d almost certainly be better off using it for the whole task.

You may find this set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual helpful:

especially this one:

and this one:


Thanks, guys! That makes more sense anyways.