Imported MP3 track from itunes is shorter in Audacity

I’m using Audacity 2.0.0 on Windows Vista 32-bit.

I am trying to break a long MP3 into different tracks, which I have already done using audacity before. But the file I have is already is in my itunes library (where all my music is kept) and I would like to list all the songs on it. The whole MP3 is 1 hour 20 mins long but when I imported it using Audacity the track showed up as only being just over 20 mins long. I did not buy the track from itunes but from and I also checked if it was an MP3 which it was. I then tried converting it to AAC version in itunes to see if this would import fully into audacity but the converted track funnily enough also was just over 20 mins long. I have played the original MP3 and it does indeed last 1 hour 20 mins so I cannot understand why I cannot break this into a full playlist as I have been able to do before.

Can anyone please help me so I can break down this mp3, and happily listen to my favourite tracks on this mp3. Thanks

If you listened to what was imported, can you tell me:
Which 20 mins shows up in Audacity: the first 20, the last 20, or something in the middle?
Or is it the whole thing, just 4x faster?

Hi thanks for the reply.
It is the first 20 minutes of the track that has been added and it is playing the normal speed.
So it is missing the last hour of music.

When you imported the MP3 file into Audacity did you use File > Import > Audio, if so, what filter did you use (All files, MP3 files, FFmpeg-compatible files)?

Was it iTunes where you played it all and it was 1 hour 20 minutes? Are you sure you have not set the start and end time in iTunes? This would truncate the AAC converted version.

I would try converting to WAV in iTunes then FIle > Import > Raw in Audacity which will ignore headers in the file that may be giving the wrong length somehow.