Imported MP3 timing out. [SOLVED]

I wonder if anyone can answer this for me please.
I have downloaded a MP3 drumless track. I then play the track using a generic windows music player and drum along to it while recording the drum sounds in Audacity.
I then import the same MP3 into Audacity but the timing does not match. If I get the timing at the start of the track right, by the time it gets to the end of the track the timing is out.
Why is this?
Thanks for any help.

Rather than doing that, import the MP3 into Audacity and then record the drums to a new track.

You mean play to the imported track in Audacity, but record as a seperate track? Will it do that?

Yes, exactly that.

By default, the record button (or “R” key) record on the end of the current track, and “Shift + Record” (or “Shift + R”) records to a new track.
If you will only be doing “overdub” recordings, you may find it convenient to change that in Preferences so that the record button (or “R”) without “Shift” records to a new track. See: “Record on a new track

OK Thanks. Ill give that a try later.

Tried it and it worked. Thanks very much for your help.

Super :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know.