"Imported" audio comes in at very low volume

Have been using Audacity successfully for many years. With the latest update to version 3.1.2 for Win 10, when I “Import” audio, it comes in at a very low volume. Have looked at all the settings and defaults but can’t see where the problem is. For the moment I have reverted to an older version. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated

Do you mean that it “plays” at a low volume, or that the waveform is small vertically?

Waveform looks the same as in previous version but it plays at greatly reduced volume. The playback volume settings are as they always are. “Amplify”-ing etc. leads to distortion.

That’s the problem. The volume control in Audacity has changed. Rather than adjusting the sound card’s main output level, it now just scales the output from Audacity before it gets to the Windows sound controls. For new versions of Audacity you will usually want the Audacity volume control at maximum, and use the normal Windows volume controls as you do for other apps.

Where is the Windows volume control set when you have the error?


Thanks, Steve. I realise now that projects created in the older version also play at lower volume when “Open”-ed in version 3.1.2. I’ll keep the volume control at maximum level as you suggest and see how it goes.

I usually have it set somewhere between 45% and 55%.